Tinder symbols


Tinder Symbols

Tinder Symbols: Decoding the Secret Language of Matchmaking

In the realm of modern dating, apps like Tinder have become the go-to platforms to meet new people. But with their increasing popularity, it's essential to understand the symbols and icons that appear on your screen. These small visuals convey crucial information that can shape your dating experience. In this article, we'll explore and decode the hidden meaning behind Tinder symbols.

The Tinder Flame: A Fiery Start

The iconic flame logo is the symbol of Tinder itself. It represents the spark of attraction, the initial interest that brings users together. When you see this flame, it means that you've entered the exciting world of endless matching possibilities. It's the gateway, the first step toward finding a potential date or even love.

The Green Heart: A Match Made in Heaven

The green heart symbol is what every Tinder user hopes to see. When you come across a profile and both of you swipe right, forming a mutual match, a little green heart will appear. This symbolizes that the feeling is mutual – a significant milestone in the Tinder journey. Embrace this symbol, for it signifies that a potential connection has been found.

The Blue Star: Supercharge Your Matchmaking

Tinder offers a premium feature called "Super Like," denoted by a blue star symbol. It's a way to grab someone's attention and show an extra level of interest. By tapping this symbol, you can send a notification to the person you "Super Liked," indicating you're particularly interested in getting to know them. This unique symbol sets your profile apart, making you stand out from the crowd.

The Yellow Lightning Bolt: Ignite a Quick Conversation

When you receive a match on Tinder, you'll notice a yellow lightning bolt symbol next to their name. This symbol signifies that the person has enabled the "Fast Match" feature, allowing you to skip the small talk and jump straight into a conversation. It's an indication that they're eager to get to know you better and are open to a quick chat.

The Red X: A Missed Connection

While not as exciting as a match, the red X symbol has its significance on Tinder. When swiping left, you indicate that the person's profile isn't a suitable match for you. As you swipe through potential matches, you'll come across this symbol many times. Embrace it as a sign that you're narrowing down your options and fine-tuning your preferences.

The Purple Thunderbolt: Boosting Your Profile

Tinder offers another premium feature called "Boost," indicated by a purple thunderbolt symbol. By activating the Boost, your profile will be displayed to a larger audience for a limited time. This symbol can help you attract more attention, increase your chances of matching with someone special, and intensify your overall Tinder experience.

The Gold Diamond: A Premium Experience

Tinder's premium subscription, Tinder Gold, provides additional features and perks to enhance your dating journey. The gold diamond symbol signifies that someone has a Tinder Gold subscription. With this premium experience, users gain access to features like unlimited likes, passport to swipe in other locations, and the ability to see who has liked their profile before swiping.

The Emoji Reactions: Express Your Interest

Tinder recently introduced emoji reactions as a way to engage in a more expressive conversation. When someone sends you a message or reacts to your message, you'll see a series of emojis beneath their text. These emojis range from laughter to thumb-ups, giving you the freedom to show your feelings without the need for words. Emoji reactions add a touch of fun and playfulness to your conversations.


Understanding the symbols and icons on Tinder can provide valuable insights into potential matches and elevate your dating experience. Whether it's the fiery flame, the green heart of a mutual match, or the boost of a purple thunderbolt, each symbol holds significance. So embrace the symbols, flirt with their meanings, and embark on your exciting Tinder adventure with confidence.